• Adoption program Success Stories

    • Child selection Criteria

      To enable the Project staff to select the most needy children in-order to reach out the poorest…

    • Day plan for Children

      On Saturdays Project will conduct special programs for Children to be trained…

    • Rules for Children

      All children should take part in the age appropriate development activities planned and arranged…

    • Management and Structure

      Each project will have the staff with following designations are as follows.

    • Staff Responsibilities

      The Director of Child Care Division of WORD Trust is the Director of all the projects.

    • Project work Description

      To identify child rearing practices and skills of parents and care givers and…

    • Objective

      To enable the Project staff to select the most needy children in-order to reach out the poorest of the poor in the community.

    • The Selection Committee

      The following staff will be part of child selection committee. The Director, Project Manager, Project Coordinator, …

    • Age of the Child

      The child should complete 3 years and not exceed 8 to 10 years at the time of selection (3-8/9).

    • Distance from the Residence to the Project

      Good access of the child to the project location

    • Social Situation

      Preference should be given to children belong to the following categories

    • Economic Condition of the family

      Preference should be given to poorest of the poor in the community.

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    • Who is a Child?

      “A human being below the age of 18 years is a child.”

    • What is ‘Child’ Protection?

      Child protection is crucial to ensuring that children under 18 years of age have the rights,

    • What are ‘Child’ Rights?

      Child Rights can be defined as the fundamental, vital freedoms and the inherent rights

    • Child Protection Policy

      Welfare of the child the sole aim for each activity done with the child

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    • Educational Development

      All registered children should be a part of a formal educational system.

    • Physical Development

      We provide nutritious as well as balanced meal to the children. Most of the children do suffer from malnutrition.

    • Socio-Emotional Development

      Children are trained to have a socially acceptable behavior through our program.

    • Individual Attention & Love

      Our program recognizes the importance for each child to be seen and known as an individual.

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